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A memoir often delves deeper into events, explaining emotions, feelings, inner thoughts. Your memoir might be about an event or a crisis that changed your life. It might chronicle how you overcame a certain hardship to reach a life-long goal, or a life-long dream. It might explain a certain relationship in your life, and what you learned from that relationship, and how it changed you. It might be a way of sharing a loss, or a disappointment, that might help others learn from your mistakes. It might be a story of redemption or of overcoming obstacles. This is your memoir, so throw out any formulas. It can be anything you want it to be. Our job is to help you organize your thoughts and ideas, and help you get them down on paper in a clear, creative and colorful way.


A biography is a story of your life written by someone else. It’s a presentation of facts, a depiction of your life and the important events in your life, but told in the third person. However, a biography should still be interesting and absorbing, and should reveal a person’s life, what that person stood for, what their goals were, and what mattered to them. Our job is to gather the essential ingredients and then cook them into a captivating read.


You have the option of getting your book self-published. If you choose this route, your book will be designed and typeset by one of our publishing professionals. You’ll be able to include photographs and pictures and have input into your cover design. The finished product will be a professionally bound and printed book. You choose how many copies you’d like printed.